I am a Proud Conservative and Proud Republican

I Support and Stand For

  • The First Amendment

  • The Second Amendment and the right to defend ourselves from tyranny

  • Small government

  • Fiscal responsibility, accountability, and a balanced budget

  • Common sense approaches to complex issues like healthcare, prison reform, and opportunities for lower income communities

  • Improving rural healthcare by bringing back care providers and hospitals to rural areas of NC

  • Improving education for all to include school choice, more access to vocational training, and more access to fine arts education

  • Small businesses

  • Keeping the Supreme Court above the fray of politics, and maintaining 9 Justices on the Court

  • Transparency in government

  • Removing politics from medicine

  • Supporting our local farmers

  • Term limits - I pledge to serve no more than 8 years in Congress

  • First responders and their families

  • Active duty military/veterans, and their families

  • The right to life for our unborn children

  • Border security - Reasonable and clear immigration policies/legislation

  • Election integrity and security

  • Improved communication with constituents

Together we can make a difference.