Once elected to Congress these are the items I will work towards accomplishing in my first term:

1) Introduce and or support articles of impeachment for President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and Secretary of State Blinken for Malfeasance and Misfeasance in office.

2) Incease transparency within our office, so every single constituent is fully informed as to what we are doing and why, to include all matters except those involving national security.

3) Work to introduce legislation that will decrease the size, and reduce the scope of the US Department of Education. Then take the money saved and funnel it directly to the states and local school districts.

4) Create a specific position within my staff to help support and bring resources to local grassroots organizations that are working to grow and support our conservative ideals in our District.

5) Introduce various legislation designed to help our locally owned family farms.

6) Introduce legislation designed to lift up lower income communities through self reliance and incentivizing hard work, which will work in conjunction with local school districts.

7) Introduce legislation to support first responders in regards to PTSD or other anxiety related disorders that are a direct result of on-the-job experiences.

8) Fight for Term limits

9) Fight to Secure our Borders